Trailer Watch: Transporter 3 domestic trailer

The wait is over for those of you who were dying to see the first domestic trailer Transporter 3 in English — it has exactly the same footage as the earlier French teaser; just the text graphics are translated. The official French site went up recently, which has the first official teaser trailer (subtitled in French) and the first teaser poster.

Unlike Gordon, I didn’t see the second film in this franchise, but I do have to say that any movie that offers a shirtless, ass-kicking Jason Statham is a pretty good bet for the mindless fluff category of movie-watching. I have to admit that I really didn’t understand the plot from the French teaser because I was distracted by the subtitles, racking my brain to see if my high school French was good enough (and it wasn’t after 12 years away from it). With this go-round, I could concentrate on the stunt work more and I did like what I saw. As far as the plot goes, it looks like our favorite taciturn British getaway man is being forced to do a job and if he doesn’t, a device that has been strapped to his wrist will explode. Aw man, and that’s his good driving hand!

Transporter 3 is due out on November 28, but you have to wonder if with Quantum of Solace moving to November 14, will U.S. audiences be willing to be lured away from the prospect of seeing the latest 007 with their family on Black Friday to gamble on the third movie in a franchise with less star power? Some of this may depend on how Statham does in Death Race (which opened yesterday and is already up to having earned $4,570,000), but a lot of this depends on director Olivier Megaton whose previous work has only included TV episodes and short films. Also, the Law of Diminishing Sequel Returns applies here, as does the “three directors for three movies in the same franchise = questionable results” equation.

As they say, though, “Your mileage may vary.”

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