Nicolas Cage is Ready to Kick Ass in Adaptation of Marvel Comics Book

Of the three stars signed to be in Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book Kick-Ass, the biggest “name” is Nicolas Cage, who will be playing the father of previously signed actor Chloe Moretz’ character, an ex-cop who trained her in deadly martial arts. The other two actors are Aaron Johnson (The Thief Lord) who plays the lead, and Lyndsy Fonseca (“Desperate Housewives”). (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

I like what they’re doing with this cast so far because Johnson’s only one year older than his character’s supposed to be, and Fonseca’s only three years older than him, which is perfectly fine with me because we all know that girls at 17 are more emotionally mature than their male peers are. The storyline, too, will aid in making sure that Cage will not overwhelm the younger actors because it’s all about Johnson’s character Dave Lizewski, who decides one day that he is going to be a superhero despite a lack of athletic ability, coordination, or Bruce Wayne’s millions of dollars and convenient grotto full of bats.

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