Another reason to love the Criterion Collection

In a new newsletter to subscribers, the Criterion Collection not only reiterated that its new Blu-Ray offerings will be priced to match its standard-res DVD editions, but added this fantastic news to fans of the line:

Why should I buy regular DVDs when I don’t know if Criterion will release a Blu-ray version six months from now?

If you love these films, keep buying DVDs. It is going to be quite a while before the Blu-ray marketplace can support many of the titles Criterion releases on DVD. For new releases, if we think a title has a shot of succeeding on Blu-ray, we aim to put out both editions at the same time, so you can make an informed choice. Where classics from our catalog are concerned, to give you a little extra comfort we’ll be offering a $20 Blu-ray upgrade program for customers who have already bought the equivalent edition on DVD. You send us the movie disc from your DVD edition, and for $20 (plus tax and shipping) we’ll exchange it for the Blu-ray version, simple as that. For more on how this works, click here.*

While I haven’t personally upgraded to HD TV, let alone Blu-Ray, this is very welcome news. If and when I do make the leap, I know I won’t be happy settling on upsampled standard DVDs for some of my favorite Criterion movies — and for only $20 to upgrade, Criterion is one of the few companies in Hollywood that plays nice with its fans.

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