SAG, AFTRA to Unite for Strength?

The breakaway group within SAG whose members include Marcia Wallace (left, The Simpsons), and which is running for membership seats in SAG’s board of directors against actors like Keith Carradine (right, “Deadwood”) is urging the guild to rejoin forces with the AFTRA actors… and not saying that they want to limit voting on SAG issues to “working actors” as its incumbent rival group Membership First is saying it does. (Source: Variety)

Honestly, all this in-fighting among the actors’ guilds makes both of them look very, very dumb. If you have some extra time today, I suggest you really do go through the stories on the SAG Watchdog site, but make sure you’ve got your hype and bullshit hip waders on. I remember when the WGA strike was happening, there were lots of rumors flying about including those about top writers who were breaking away from the guild’s united stance, but those were quickly refuted and debunked by the United Hollywood bloggers and the guild leadership. The SAG Watchdog site reads more like a series of whiny, angsty LiveJournal posts than a reasoned and reasonable source of information about what’s really going on behind the scenes during these troubled negotiations.

I really hate to say this, but I’m starting to feel like I really want the actors to get shafted during these negotiations, so that next time they learn their lesson and take some tips from the WGA on how to handle themselves during the next crisis.

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