Cry, fanboy, cry: Justice League is back from the dead


According to the Herald Sun (via Coming Soon), the supposedly-dead Justice League film from George Miller may be headed into production: “Initially slated to be filmed Down Under, Miller conceded production had been moved offshore, with a plan to resume filming next year.”

News from non-trades always makes me skeptical, but if it’s from the mouth of George Miller, it might be more than just some producers blowing smoke up his ass, like, “Uh… yeah, next year, George. We’ll totally film next year…”

Frankly, I doubt it will ever come to pass, but at the same time, why fanboys hate this project so much is beyond me. The Justice League cast is young? (Hey, they’ll all be a year older now!) Batman isn’t Christian Bale? So what? At least he won’t have that ridiculous voice. How many versions of these characters are there in the comics? In animation? Two different Batmans at the same time, two different Supermans — it’s not going to be “confusing,” and it’s definitely not going to kill anybody. It’s George Miller. He made Mad Max, for fuck’s sake. Have a little faith. At least until we see some footage.

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  1. Written by Caolan
    on 2008-08-05 at 21:54

    The cast doesn’t really bother me, it’s the premise. I have never found Justice League to be good in any format. It seems to take out everything interesting about all the characters and sort of whitewash them into the “global super boy scouts”.

  2. Written by Lifeisaglitch
    on 2008-08-06 at 11:51

    If they want to do a young -wit it- JLA movie..Then do the Teen freakin Titans and leave the JLA alone…

    Come on pwetty please…

    Its also annoying how the non-comic reading crowd will be treated to alot of characters in the context of the JLA, The Flash is going to be comic relief and the lantern is most likely going to be… John Stewart which is cool but also “The black guy”…

    At least do a proper worlds finest first, or try first featuring some of the characters alone (Like Marvel are doing)it feels sooo rushed.

    I still have hope for the movie its just i think the timing sucks, and they are trying to rush it…gaaah
    All the wrong people aboard, trying to outrun the Avengers movie…so much wrong! OVERLOAD WARNING!


  3. Written by Gordon
    on 2008-08-06 at 12:01

    Filming in 2009 and no release date? (Undoubtedly there will be lots and lots of post work.) I don’t see that they’re really rushing it.

    They WERE rushing it, before the shoot was scrapped. But now, they have ample time to polish the script up, recast some roles if needed…

  4. Written by Pedro Steckecilo
    on 2008-08-07 at 08:29

    Personally I just don’t think you can plot a good JLA movie. That and Wonder Woman will likely be played by some talentless tart.

  5. Written by Genevieve
    on 2008-08-09 at 05:44

    I dunno, you guys… I think it could be really great. As long as there’s a bunch of really cool action, people will go and see the movie and love it, and the movie could be dumber than snake mittens. Plus, individual movies work for characters who are already kind of iconic among non-comic readers. Before the cartoon, I was familiar with Batman (done), Superman (done), and vaguely with Wonder Woman because of all the Girl-Power stuff surrounding her. Same reason more people turned up for the Hulk instead of Iron Man; Iron Man was a kickass movie, but the Hulk is way more deeply ingrained in the pop-culture collective conscious.

    If they’re doing Dini/Timm JLA from the TV series, I don’t mind as long as they don’t fuck up Hawkgirl, special-effects and acting-wise. Or you know… delete her from the script. I love me some Hawkgirl. Don’t get me wrong, Wonder Woman is supposed to represent so much, and be this great thing for women, and comic fans have her on this pedestal, but I’ll be honest: she’s not that great of a character. Most female characters in comics, esp. mainstream superhero comics, suck, and that’s why I don’t read comics that much. If they did a major overhaul of the character and upgraded the badass content, ie killer headsmasher kung fu Americana, vs. rationalizing the lasso by like… making her a cowgirl… it could work. Honestly, you couldn’t make the character much worse than by sticking with the original story, with the invisible plane, and the outfit, and the bondage, and the “magical foreign Amazon island”. Hope springs eternal.

    I’m also wondering if they’re going to keep Aquaman from the cartoon and officially beat Marvel to making a Namor the Submariner movie (which has been rumored for a while now). (For those of you who don’t know, Namor was hardcore Aquaman from Marvel a little before Aquaman was ever published, and being a Marvel character, has a lot of existential angst because his life is a parade of depression- and rage-inducing events that aren’t his fault. Also, he hates humans because we fucking ruin everything, so he attacks New York a lot and the Fantastic Four have to stop him.)

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