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Movie Production to Start Up Again in September, Even with S-Word Looming
Though there still has been no progress between getting the AMPTP and SAG to see eye-to-eye and sign a new contract, movie studios will get back to work after Labor Day in order to save their schedules and give the viewing public more movies to watch after the summer stockpile runs out. Still, Variety quoted SAG national executive director Doug Allen yesterday: “Any studio or network that suggests Screen Actors Guild is unwilling or unable to take that step [towards calling for a strike], should management prove intractable, is apparently unaware of our history. Industry representatives would be better served to focus on reaching agreement, as we are, and should refrain from daring SAG members to strike.” It’s also worthy to note that SAG’s negotiating committee has the power to ask call for a strike vote amongst its 120,000 members.

Everything You Needed to Know about DIY Indie Film Distribution, But Were Afraid to Ask
The NY Times pulls off a pretty good piece featuring the production team behind indie film Bottle Shock (which opens next week on August 6) which I think sounds more like a cross between Miracle and Sideways. The moral of the story is that it’s better to take on the frustrations of booking multiple theaters nationwide yourself than to have a movie that goes *gasp!* straight to DVD.

Before Rest of the World, Half-Blood Prince to First Make Royal Appearance in London
If you want to be among the very first people to see the the sixth installment in the popular Harry Potter film franchise, you’re going to need your passport. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be making its European premiere November 17 at Blighty’s Royal Film Performance, a U.K. charity premiere that raises money for the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund. The link for information on how to purchase your tickets can be found here, and the fun fact from the CTBF’s website is that this is the only time that HRH Queen Elizabeth II goes out to the movies every year. I’m not entirely how I feel about the fact that the only movie QE2 will get to see in the theaters this year is the Harry Potter movie.

Prince of Persia Release Date Moves Backwards on Schedule and Forwards in Time
The live-action adaptation of the hit videogame series has already begun filming in Morocco, but the decision from Disney executives came down to release it in June 2010, rather than have it compete with DreamWorks and Paramount’s Transformers 2 which will come out on June 26, 2009. The Variety article references the SAG troubles above, stating that with such a potentially blockbusting franchise as this one, any amount of production delay could cause problems so more of a cushion is better than less.

Sam Raimi to Make Disney Film; Meanwhile, Porcine Planes Take to the Sky
Very little is known about the action-adventure film written by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (Not Another Teen Movie) called The Transplants–Hollywood Reporter described it as “a four-quadrant ensemble superhero story with a comedic bent”–but Sam Raimi and Josh Donen are definitely behind its production, which Disney scooped up even before Epstein and Jacobson could turn it into a comic book.

A movie written by screenwriters known for crude satire, produced by a man known for loving schlocky horror, and financed by a company known for taking the road traveled over and over again, preferably while clad in merchandise that promotes the road, thoroughly navigated by a GPS system featured in an accompanying documentary about traversing the road? This can only end in tears.

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