Trailer Watch: The Brothers Bloom

Holy wow, this looks like a lot of fun. Brick director Rian Johnson does something completely different with The Brothers Bloom, a caper/adventure/comedy genre-bender starring Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as the greatest con men in the world. Fantastic cast, goofy-fun premise, and ‘splosions! What more do you need? The Brothers Bloom opens on October 24th, opposite Saw fucking V. Guess which theater I’ll be in?

For a little more about the film, you can check out this interview with Rian Johnson over at ComingSoon. He also mentions his next project, another original screenplay called Looper, a dark, violent character-based sci-fi flick in the vein of Terminator (in that it involves time travel… and violence).

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  1. Written by Pedro Steckecilo
    on 2008-07-31 at 07:42

    Well I’m excited, I love fast paced caper comedy adventures.

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