Spielberg, Snoop Dogg Say Boo-Yeah to Bollywood?

What does a professed former pimp have in common with a Jewish man with father issues? Both of them may have new movie ties to India, the country with the largest number of films made per year.

Hip hop rapper Snoop Dogg’s latest hit comes courtesy of the movie Singh is Kinng–which will get an Indian release in August–but the eponymous song has already made it to the Indian airwaves, and Cashmere Asia had posted two behind-the-scenes video clips on its YouTube site in advance of the music video’s debut yesterday.

In one of those clips, Snoop Dogg says that his collaboration with Kinng‘s star Akshay Kumar and other Indian actors and actresses isn’t over. “I’m going to come over and do [hip hop] shows and do movies and have a good time with y’all,” he promises. “This is just the beginning. [We’re] not done.”

Meanwhile, the NY Times takes a closer look at the deal director Steven Spielberg has pending with Reliance ADA Group, a Mumbai conglomerate. According to the article, the people involved in the talks say that DreamWorks is seeking up to $550 million in equity as well as a $400 million line of debt financing.

Industry insiders agree that Spielberg’s usual deal of 20% of a new movie’s gross from the first ticket sold is too rich for the publicly traded domestic film studios, who are tightening their belts due to the current credit crisis and slumping DVD sales. The most interesting bit however, is the question raised by writer Brooks Barnes, but not answered: Is Spielberg even still worth that much as a director and producer?

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