Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne are building a Foundation

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that former New Line heads Bob Shaye and Lynne have lined up Isaac Asimov’s seminal science fiction classic, Foundation, for their first film after New Line’s absorption into Warner Bros and the formation of their new company, Unique Features, which has a three-year, first-look deal with Warners.

Unique’s plans to adapt the first book only and, if it’s a hit, make the second and third books in the original Foundation trilogy, as well. But the article notes the company plans to “move forward carefully.” Because of the complex philosophical themes in the book, “this is not a script you can knock out in six months,” Shaye said. (There is no screenwriter attached yet, anyway.)

For those unfamiliar with the books (such as myself), the Foundation trilogy (later expanded to seven books, after a gap of thirty-some years by Asimov with two more sequels and two prequels) spans hundreds of years, and each book features a new set of characters, with the trilogy “essentially tracking the rise and fall of civilizations.”

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  1. Written by Staatz
    on 2008-07-29 at 13:00

    There is at least one character that I can rembemer that is in more than one book… The orignal trilogy is a short-ish (each book is just under 200 pages long) and fantastic read. It could make for a good movie, as anything could I suppose…

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