Iron Man 2 update: Justin Theroux may write, Favreau still not official

Although Variety states that Renaissance man Justin Theroux “will pen” the sequel to Iron Man — it chases the story with the news that “Marvel Studios… isn’t being quick to confirm any deals around the project, saying it doesn’t comment on rumors,” so it’s not necessarily a lock.

Although best known for his acting from an eclectic array of projects from American Psycho to Six Feet Under, Theroux recently directed last year’s Billy Crudup-Mandy Moore film, Dedication (which was terrific, by the way), and co-wrote the script to this year’s Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller and Etan Cohen (from a story developed by Stiller and Theroux). It was presumably the Ben Still action-comedy which convinced Marvel that Theroux was up to the task.

By way of a Jon Favreau update, the same article says that Marvel and Favreau are still only “close to a deal” to bring the hit’s helmer back.

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