Making Out With the Media: SAG To Meet with AMPTP, and Other Stories

AMPTP Goes On the Record About Today’s ‘Off the Record’ Meeting with SAG
Just in time for the evening news, the AMPTP released a statement yesterday which emphatically notes that SAG negotiators asked for the meeting, not them, and that they’re agreeing to it so they can listen to what SAG has to say–but they will not be renegotiating against their final offer. The meeting will take place this afternoon. Incidentally, I found SAG’s non-corporate website that’s devoted to rallying its members around the cause, and I have only this to say: Hire some people from the WGA or some people from Fans4Writers to conduct your website PR campaign, okay?

Robin Williams to Channel Dark Side Again in World’s Greatest Dad
Screechy comedian Bobcat Goldtwaith wrote and will direct the dark comedy, according to Variety, which is all about how a single father and high school deals with and covers up the fact that his son died in an autoerotic asphyxiation accident. Yes, you heard me: autoerotic asphyxiation. What’s next, a rom-com about the furry community? (First commenter to find me such a film gets mad props.)

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