Making Out with the Media: Jack Black to Rock Again, and Other Stories

Paramount Gets the Band Back Together for School of Rock 2
Variety reports that lead actor Jack Black, director Richard Linklater, screenwriter Mike White, and producer Scott Rudin are attached to create the sequel, which involves prep school teacher Dewey Finn taking a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip to explore the history of rock and roll. Music history class has never been so full of throwaway gags.

German Film Features Most Under-Appreciated Movie Profession: Accountancy
Yella opens this week in New York on Friday, but the tongue-in-cheek NY Times article also introduces three other European flicks that feature accountants as more than just a stick-in-the mud (Ghostbusters) or the straight man to a more interesting character (both versions of The Producers.)

X-Files Sequel Next in Long Marketing Line of Rebooted Franchises
The Hollywood Reporter turns in a very basic fluff piece that details what the marketing machines did to promote new movies from old series. Line in the article that may make you realize exactly how old you are? “Much of this complaining [about updating the movie franchise] occurs on the Internet, which was largely unimagined when many of these properties were last seen.”

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