Warner and DC talk about doing… something… maybe…

It’s obviously a slow news day, because people are actually latching onto this. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

In the course of the past couple of weeks, Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov and Warner Bros. Pictures president Kevin McCormick have been meeting with DC Comics executives as well some of DC’s top talents, like Jim Lee, to discuss a new direction for film adaptations.

Obviously, in the wake of Marvel’s mega-success with Iron Man and it’s middling success with The Incredible Hulk, and the news of their planned build-up to The Avengers, Warner Brothers is apparently realizing that DC’s heroes have a hell of a lot more potential. The trouble is, from my perspective, how can they take the flagship film franchise — Chris Nolan’s Batman — and make that fit in a super-hero universe? It just wouldn’t make sense. Honestly, I would reeeaaaally like them to consider taking things their characters into big-budget animation, even if it has to be CGI, not traditional. The straight-to-DVD stuff they’ve done has been good, but they’re continually cheaping out on the animation and the stories — clocking in at under an hour and a half — are too rushed to really pull off the epic scope a true feature-length movie needs. Come on, guys, let’s see some Batman: Mask of the Phantasm-quality shit! The animation route effectively side-steps any continuity issues, and the Timm/Dini universe pretty much nailed the DC characters perfectly anyway.

Variety chimes in with an overlong story saying the same thing, but also sums up the DC superhero movie state of the union. Aside from The Dark Knight and the upcoming Watchmen from Zack Snyder, there’s writer-director Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern, producer Joel Silver’s languishing Wonder Woman, David Dobkin‘s The Flash, and “internet chatter about an Aquaman movie,” which is a nothing more than a whole lot of wishful thinking.

As for the other properties, we also know that Justice League is dead and while Superman is possibly going to be taken away from Bryan Singer for a reboot, rumors about Louis Leterrier and/or Mark Millar having the reins are inaccurate (to be kind).

For their part, Warner has said said this about the “superhero summit” (to HR):

While we are not going to go into the specifics of the meetings, we’re constantly looking at how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties. DC is an incredibly valuable asset to Warner Bros. and plays an important role across the entire studio by providing development and franchise opportunities for all media, including films, television, home entertainment, animation, consumer products, video games and digital platforms.

And of course, the word “exploit” has gotten a bunch of fanboy panties in a bunch, but it’s a perfectly acceptable word, despite its often negative connotations, so please. Spare me.

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  1. Written by MaskedVigilante
    on 2008-07-14 at 15:14

    Dude, I’m so relieved the Justice League movie has finally bit the dust. That had CRAP written all over it from the jump.

    And yeah, I remember seeing Mask of the Phantasm in the THEATER!! That was so great. Superman: Doomsday was pretty cool, New Frontier was great, and I agree that they’re never gonna do DC more justice than the Timm/Dini universe. (Somebody explained to me why JLU was canceled, but I blocked it out.)

    DC can’t do what Marvel’s doing now. As you said, Nolan’s Batman doesn’t fit within a “universe”. DC’s one advantage over Marvel is animation. They should stick with what they do best. BRING BACK THE JLU!!

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