Keeping Tabs: Sweet home Gotham City; Incredible Hulk 2 unlikely

A very cool article on The Dark Knight returning to — and fuckin’ up — my home town of Chicago has gone up at The Hollywood Reporter (via Reuters). Or, rather, the measures they took to not fuck up my home town while they used locations from it to help construct their own, realistic take on Gotham City.

On “casting” Chicago as Gotham, Nolan says:

When people choose to stylize a city, they draw from one particular age of architecture, which for us didn’t make sense. Real cities have a tremendous mix of architecture; they combine all eras. In this film, we favor modernism compared to the last film. We still have a great mix of buildings and a realistic mix of buildings. But we decided to favor modernism because a lot of the story is set in the civic locations.… It’s a nice balance between keeping the audience aesthetically engaged with the film but feeling more real, feeling more contemporary.

The candy factory they mention in the article, by the way, was just an office building by the old Brach’s factory on the west side of Chicago. Although this has nothing to do with The Dark Knight, a source close to me… ahem… recently wandered through a couple of the remaining buildings (which will be torn down soon to make way for some warehouse bullshit instead of a new high school) and snapped some photos, which are up at my Flickr page.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Dark Knight will be in theaters on July 18th. All. Day. Long. (In some places, literally.)

In sadder news, The Hollywood Reporter has crunched some numbers and suggests that an Incredible Hulk sequel is unlikely (despite proclaiming it a “smash” last month); its projected $250–260 million global take is apparently a bit short of the mark, which is a damn shame, since I loved the Louis Leterrier/Ed Norton reboot. Maybe this new one will do significantly better than the original on DVD and change some minds over at Marvel — it should, considering its overal reception by both fans and critics has been much more positive than the Ang Lee Hulk.

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