John Woo Romances Asia with Epic Three Kingdoms Tale, Will Give U.S. Audiences Mere Taste in January '09

While average citizens in Chicago and New York this week took a stand in support of Batman, film fans in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea geared up for tomorrow’s epic re-re-re-re-telling of a tale from the classic Three Kingdoms era in China — or at least the part that tells the story of the battle of Red Cliffs as helmed by John Woo. Several of the film’s stars including Tony Leung (Ashes of Time Redux), Chen Chang (Parking), and Feng-Yi Zhang (The Emperor and the Assassin) just finished a grueling publicity and charity junket for Red Cliff that visited earthquake-torn China as well as the burial sites of many of the major characters in the movie.

Woo’s film is so long that in Asia, they’ll be splitting it into two movies, while audiences abroad will only get to see 2 1/2 hours of its over four-hour running time. Expect to see it at major metropolitan theaters near you in January. But to whet your appetite, you can view the trailers — both with and without English subtitles — here.

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