The Pencils Have Stayed Down for United Hollywood 2.0

For those of you who were drawn avidly to the daily reports and good ol’ union solidarity offered up at the old United Hollywood blog, tuning into United Hollywood 2.0 may be a bit of a surprise. As of this writing, in addition to some very robust content on the Union blog and forums, there’s also a Flickr shoot (and wouldn’t it be nice if someone identified the T-shirt models?) on the Main site and one item on the Video side pimping Michael Eisner’s newest project.

That’s not half-bad—however that’s also the only non-union content the blog has had since March or April. Contributor Tom Smuts said in a reply to a comment on the Flickr shoot, “The problem is that all of UH’s founders have been pulled into jobs… jobs that in many cases are moving at a faster pace than normal to make up for time lost during the [WGA] strike.”

In the meantime, the About page says they’ll take tips and entire blog posts at, so fire up them typin’ keys! Who knows, maybe this will be part of your big break into the biz?

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