Making Out with the Media: Your M-W-F Roundup of News Stories that Interest Me

Lucasfilm Animation’s Clone Wars Footage to Preview in Japan
Also on hand to greet fans in August will be animator Atsushi Takeuchi, original trilogy actors Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels. Can’t be considered a debut because we don’t know what the SDCC program track looks like yet.

Pick Your Favorite Shorties to Win SXSWclick’s Popularity Contest Prize
Favorite category? What the F*#!?

Digital Distribution Gets Independent Advocate in London
Pull quote from director/producer Luc Roeg features the words “adding value to product” while being described as “tub thumping.” Cue the Chumbawumba!

Movie Exec Profile: Fox Movie Channel Ignites Emmy Campaign for Fox Filmed’s Rothman
Though it is a puff piece, Fox Legacy itself is a tuner for old-school movie fans who want to see how it used to be done. Can I use the word “fox” more times in this bit?

Midnight Sun is the New Sundance
Who wants the over-under on when the quiet Finnish film festival will get overrun by posers, wannabes, and fame-hungry starlets?

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