Trailer Watch: Baz Luhrmann's Australia

Two weeks ago, you couldn’t convince me I’d ever voluntarily walk into a Baz Luhrmann movie, after the wretched piece of shit that was Romeo + Juliet and the five excruciating minutes I saw of Moulin Rouge before escaping. Yet, somehow, Australia looks pretty good — despite the apparent (and tired) framing device of telling the main story in flashback to a child as if it were a Magical Fairy Tale. Luhrmann seems to have got a brand new bag of tricks with this one, but it remains to be seen how good this new bag is.…

Nicole Kidman and Young Clint Eastwood Huge Ackman star in the Aussie Gone with the Wind-style epic, about “an English aristocrat in the 1930s (Nicole Kidman), who comes to northern Australia to sell a cattle property the size of Belgium. After an epic journey across the country with a rough-hewn drover (Hugh Jackman), they are caught in the bombing of Darwin during World War II.” Australia opens in the US on November 14.

Totally unrelated note: When I was a kid, I loved The Man from Snowy River.

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