Fraggle Rock?

Fraggle RockIt’s been off and on for the last several years, but, according to Variety, the Fraggle Rock movie has taken a big step towards lighting up the silver screen. The Weinstein Company has announced that they’re making Jim Henson’s series into a live-action musical feature film. Fraggle Rock will be written and directed by Hoodwinked! auteur Cory Edwards, with The Jim Henson Company producing.

The television series debuted on HBO in 1983 and lasted for 5 seasons, totalling 96 episodes. The film will feature Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red, and, one would assume, the Doozers. The Weinsteins have said there won’t be many changes to the original story, and that their plan is to “feature a broad range of family-friendly franchises,” including Fraggle Rock.

For those who may be unfortunate enough to be uninformed, Fraggle Rock is about a group of creatures, called Fraggles, who live underground and ‘”entertain and amuse while seriously exploring complex issues of prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, environment, and social conflict.” The Jim Henson Company appears to be filling their plate, what with the recent addition of a new Muppets film to their upcoming film lineup.

It is worth noting that Variety has pulled the article, meaning the announcement may be inaccurate or premature, so don’t get your hopes up too much just yet. Nevermind — it’s back up now.

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