Quick Cuts: Broken Embraces, Source Code, Indignation, The Kind One

Broken EmbracesAfter working together on the acclaimed Volver, filmmaker Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz have announced a new collaboration, according to The Guardian. The “50’s film noir” drama, titled Broken Embraces, is the longest script Almodovar has ever written and follows “a woman who has a passionate and destructive love life.” Almodovar will detail the production on his blog. The previously announced Almodovar-Cruz project, The Skin I Live In, has been delayed, but Almodovar plans to work on it after Broken Embraces.

According to Variety, Australian filmmaker Shane Abbess’ next project is a huge step up from his previous work. Abbess, whose previous independent film Gabriel was shot for $200,000, which he raised, has been tapped to direct Source Code, a “gothic sci-fi thriller” at Universal. Abbess, who got his start doing commercials, co-wrote, directed and produced Gabriel. It went on to make $1.2 million in Australia, winning Abbess international recognition.

Variety also reports that the upcoming Philip Roth (The Human Stain, American Pastoral) novel, Indignation, has been preemptively grabbed by producer Scott Rudin (No Country For Old Men). According to Variety, the book “focuses on the 18-year-old son of a kosher butcher in Newark who grapples with anti-Semitism, sexual repression and the escalating Korean War as he comes of age at a Midwestern Lutheran college.” No studio is attached to the picture yet.

Again at Variety, we find that the Warner Bros. “period noir drama,” The Kind One now has a producer attached to it. Ridley Scott will produce the film, which will star Casey Affleck. Tom Epperson, the novel’s author, will write the screenplay. It “centers on an amnesiac who finds himself working for a mobster…and falling in love with the thug’s girlfriend.”