Two space program flicks are about to take off

Variety reports that Universal has acquired rights to the non-fiction Neil Armstrong biography First Man by James R. Hansen. Nicole Perlman is attached to pen the film about the notoriously focused astronaut.

“The closer he got to the moon, the further away he became from his family,” Perlman told the trade. “He had a family tragedy before Apollo that turned him into this driven astronaut, and he became such a perfect hero that while Buzz Aldrin was announced to be the first man on the moon, NASA reversed its decision because Neil was regarded as more heroic.”

Perlman also recently rewrote her script for Challenger, a film about physicist Richard Feynman’s investigation into the space shuttle disaster. Media 8 is producing, with Nathaniel Kahn attached to direct. (Right Stuff director Philip Kaufman was previously attached, with David Strathairn set to play Feynman; it’s not clear if Strathairn is still attached to the film.)

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