Trailer Watch: War, Inc.

MySpace has added a trailer (plus a few clips) from the upcoming John Cusack satire, War, Inc. The film co-stars Joan Cusack, Hilary Duff with a ridiculous accent, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei and Ben Kingsley. Here’s the Wiki-synopsis:

War Inc. (formally known as Brand Hauser) is set in the future, when the desert country of Turagistan is torn by a riot after a private corporation, owned by the former US president, has taken over the whole state. Brand Hauser (John Cusack) is a hit man who suppresses his emotions by gobbling down on hot sauce and is hired by the corporation’s head to kill the CEO of their competitors. Everything changes when the ruthless killer finds himself head-over-heels in love with a sexy reporter portrayed by Marisa Tomei.

The Joshua Seftel-helmed film has a brief limited release run starting May 23, 2008, before hitting video store shelves in July — not a good sign. The trailer is fun, but the footage after it and a clip that’s been online since September over at The Huffington Post wrinkled my eyebrows more than they piqued my interest. Still, I suppose it’s possible that a film Naomi Klein would describe as “one of those rare satires with the danger left in” just made the Hollywood suits too nervous.

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  1. Written by Timo
    on 2008-04-03 at 03:30

    I’m actually really pumped to see this movie. I’m a big John Cusack fan and I’m glad to see that this movie trailer feels really similar to Grosse Pointe Blank, which I absolutely loved.

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