Trailer Watch: Jennifer Lynch's Surveillance

A German trailer for Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s Surveillance is online thanks to YouTube. It is Lynch’s first feature since 1993’s Boxing Helena, although she’s produced a couple of short films in recent years. Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond play FBI agents tracking a serial killer with the help of three witnesses… including a creepy little girl who seems to know more than she should… oooh. (Shock Till You Drop has a more detailed synopsis.) Pell James, French Stewart and Michael Ironside co-star. (What are the odds Michael Ironside plays a bad guy?) IMDB lists it for release in the US sometime in 2008.

UPDATE: Charlie Newmark, who plays a police officer in the film, wrote in to correct an error about Julia Ormond’s role and points out (mild spoiler, but not really) that Michael Ironside does not, in fact, play the bad guy — for possibly the first time ever! (Ironside is credited as playing a police captain by IMDB.) I was kidding, of course.

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