Trailer Watch: Chapter 27, The Grand, Deal, Then She Found Me (updated)

A trailer for the the long-delayed film Chapter 27 has gone up at Yahoo! Movies. (The film first screened at Sundance last year and is already out on DVD in some European markets.) Written and directed by first-timer Jarrett Schaeffer, Chapter 27 centers on the last days of John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, and stars a shockingly transformed Jared Leto in what looks like to be an amazing performance. Apparently some people have a problem with a film being made about Lennon’s killer, but I don’t think making a film about Chapman does any disservice to Lennon’s memory.

The film co-stars Lindsay Lohan and Judah Friedlander. Mark Lindsay Chapman plays Lennon. According to Chapman’s IMDB page, he was previously set to "play the part of John Lennon in [an unidentified] TV movie depicting Lennon’s life and death, but lost the part because he has a similar name (Mark Chapman) to Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman."

The film opens March 21, 2008, in limited release. Check out the film’s poster over at IMP.

Also: Do you like poker way too much? If so, you might be interested in two films coming out soon this spring:

First, the Zak Penn comedy The Grand is about "One-Eyed Jack Faro (Woody Harrelson) [plans] to win the world’s most famous high stakes tournament, the Grand Championship of Poker in Las Vegas [in order] to save his dead grandfather’s hotel-casino from a real estate developer." The film co-stars David Cross and Cheryl Hines. The Grand will hit theatres on March 21st, 2008.

The second poker film ups the ante with slicker production values and bouncier pace; Deal stars Bret Harrison, Burt Reynolds, and real-life poker buff Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) co-stars. The trailer basically tells you the whole plot, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Deal was directed by Gil Cates Jr.; the film shows its hand on April 25, in limited release.

On the non-poker-movie front, Helen Hunt’s feature directorial debut, an adaptation of Elinor Lipman’s novel Then She Found Me, has a trailer up at AOL Movies/Moviefone. Matthew Broderick, Colin Firth and Bette Midler co-star. It looks like a very actorly film: the camera just follows the actors around, rather than framing them in any visual way, but the dialogue is pretty sharp, and, as always, Colin Firth exhudes charisma, so it could be worth the viewing.

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  1. Written by Michael
    on 2008-04-14 at 12:10

    There are two movies about Mark Chapman: Chapter 27 played by Jared Leto & the other movie is The Killing Of John Lennon, Chapman is played by Jonas Ball.

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