George Lucas talks about something other than Star Wars (updated)

Coming Soon has the exclusive from George Lucas about his long-gestating Red Tails project. John Ridley (Undercover Brother, U Turn) is attached to the project, which tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all black pilot squad in World War II. This is the kind of movie I’ve been hoping to see George Lucas do for years now (however long he’s been talking about them); not more Star Wars. I want more movies by the genius who made American Graffiti and THX-1138.

"I’m working on it tomorrow," he told Coming Soon‘s Edward Douglas. "We’re getting towards a script, and probably start shooting before the end of the year, and it should come out next year, maybe" — although he’s been saying more or less that same thing for a few years now (except they do have a writer now, at least).

Lucas goes on to say, "That’s probably going to be the last movie I do apart from my own movies, but my own movies are going to be more esoteric and probably will come and go in a week and be in one or two arthouses. It’s basically the same as what Francis (Ford Coppola) is doing."

That last sentence refers to the series of self-financed projects that Coppola started with last year’s visually mind-blowing but intellectually mind-numbing Youth Without Youth and is continuing with next year’s Tetro. As for the first sentence, unless I’m reading into things too much, I get the impression from the phrase "apart from my own movies" that Lucas still only intends to produce Red Tails, not direct it. Ah well. (No directors are attached yet.)

Lucas talked about Clone Wars a bit, too, but the rest of the interview isn’t up yet.

Update (3/17/08): The rest of the interview is up now, in which Lucas talks primarily about the Clone Wars animated series, as well as its theatrical premier. Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits theaters on August 15th.

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  1. Written by Staatz
    on 2008-03-14 at 14:30

    I hope he gets this off the ground, I watched the end of A New Hope recently and the death star trench run is still one of the best action sequences ever and I hear they got a lot of inspiration from old dog-fight videos.

    Also maybe this will make up for that Jar-Jar is racist thing * that people were on him about a while back.

    *Pretty sure this wasn’t intentional, I think they were just tiring to sell another toy with him.

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