Trailer Watch: Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

The trailer for the another film treatment of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon is up at (courtesy MonkeyPeaches). Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers), Sammo Hung, and Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible 3, Live Free or Die Hard) star in this new take on the Chinese epic.

John Woo’s upcoming Red Cliff is based on the classic Chinese novel, as well. It’s hard to tell if either are going to be good; as a Dynasty Warriors fan, I want to see them both, but they both look like they could be on the corny end of the kung fu spectrum — more Seven Swords than Musa the Warrior: more posing and whipping cameras about than well-choreographed and shot fights. Also, like Red Cliff, it is not yet set for a domestic release.

As far as this genre goes, I’m most looking forward to the Donny Yen/Kelly Chen team-up, An Empress and the Warriors.

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  1. Written by Brennan
    on 2008-03-02 at 04:52

    Check out those Korean tv dramas if you ever get the chance. Sure the acting is cheesy, the scripts inane at times. But the fight scenes are pretty awesome.

  2. Written by Caolan
    on 2008-03-02 at 19:08

    It looks like Dynasty Warriors- The Movie. Could be good.
    But Sammo Hung? I haven’t seen him since Martial Law.

  3. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-03-02 at 19:11

    Well, Dynasty Warriors is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, as well, so basically, it is! :)

  4. Written by Caolan
    on 2008-03-02 at 19:35

    Oh. Well then. I learned something today.

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