Trailer Watch: Sputnik Mania

I’m a sucker for real-life astronaut stories. I love The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, and the entire From the Earth to the Moon mini-series; these men — not just the astronauts but the scientists and engineers who made them astronauts — are heroes. So when, in the trailer for David Hoffman’s upcoming documentary, Sputnik Mania, a newscaster says that the launch of Sputnik was "the most important story of this century," it may sound corny, but I believe that it’s absolutely true.

Woven from television, film and radio clippings, Sputnik Mania looks like an absolutely fascinating, informative treatment of the launch and its aftermath (the birth of the space program), as well as one of the best ways to see how America really reacted to the start of the Space Age. (The clip of John Glenn, for instance, reveals just how dead-on Ed Harris’s performance was in The Right Stuff.)

You can check out seven clips at the Yahoo! page, in addition to the trailer; the one on Laika was especially interesting after having read Nick Abadzis’s touching graphic novel, Laika.

Sputnik Mania will be released on March 14, 2008, in New York City only. Learn more about the new documentary at the film’s official website.

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