Trailer Watch: Iron Man, Dark Matter, Pathology dumb comedies

The full trailer for Iron Man is up, with our best look to date at the film’s plot and tone. It’s looking awesome. See for yourself:

(MySpace’s Trailer Park has it in HD, or if the embedded video has emotional problems.) 

Coming Soon has the exclusive on the trailer for opera director Chen Shi-Zheng’s movie debut, Dark Matter, the story of a Physics grad student who turns into a college shooter. Delayed after the Virginia Tech shootings, the film is now set for an April 11 limited release.

ShockTillYouDrop has a new teaser trailer for Pathology, which is kind of odd, because a much longer trailer was released last September (linked to at STYD).

The new, full trailer for Get Smart, shows a lot more promise than the teaser did. The film will be released on June 20.

Mike Myers’s The Love Guru looks as funny as the first two Austin Powers movies (I didn’t see the third one). Take that however you like. The film will be released on June 20. Uh oh… Steve Carrell vs. Mike Myers! There can be only one!

The reunion of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (also known as Step Brothers) is a lot funnier the a second time. Hopefully the movie won’t be the same way. The film is due on July 25.

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