Oscars coverage worth reading (updated)

While most of the press about the Oscars in the mainstream media are all about the glitz, speculation about who’s going to win, and how hard it must be for Jon Stewart and his fresh-off-the-picket-line writers to whip up a show in a week, there’s still the occasional story that isn’t basically a bunch of bullshit. Here are a few that are worth your time:

USA Today has an excellent article on how the Oscars, either through platform releases or home video, have changed the way “modest” (independent) films make money. The Hollywood Reporter has a shorter article, more specifically about this year’s nominees.

Reuters covers some of the oversights in this year’s Best Foreign Language Film category. One very surprising omission that the article names was the European Film Awards’ European Film 2007″ (their Best Picture equivalent) and Golden Globe Best Foreign Film nominee 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days; while I have not seen it, myself, it made so many critics’ best of 2007 lists that it seemed like a shoo-in for a nod, at least — yet it was nowhere to be found.

UPDATED (2/24): Make the “Oscar coverage with listening to”; NPR’s Morning Edition radio show gave us this run-down of the nominees for Best Dramatic Score from film music expert Andy Trudeau, whose pick for Best Score (Atonement) lines up with my own.

NPR and Wired have a pair of interesting pieces on the snubbing of Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, who was widely thought to be all but guaranteed a nomination for Best Dramatic Score, for his amazing soundtrack to There Will Be Blood, only to have it ruled ineligible, along with Eddie Vedder’s score for Into the Wild.

JoBlo also provides us with links to this year’s Best Original and Adapted Screenplay, which is very kind of them.

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