Quick Cuts: Akira, Toy Story 3, Ye Olde Times

AICN has a new, unconfirmed report that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick) is in the running for Tetsuo in the upcoming Akira adaptation — which, like the Leo casting, is not something I’m holding my breath over. Or terribly excited about, if it does turn out to be true. I really liked Gordon-Levitt in Brick (despite not being quite as fond of the movie), but… how about casting some Japanese people, maybe? Call me crazy.

A Wall Street Journal (?!) article about media companies starting up in-house video game divisions in order to keep the booming VG market’s profits unceremoniously gives away the premise for the upcoming Toy Story 3 movie from Pixar. The film will arrive — in 3D, following 3D re-releases of the previous two — in 2010. Some of you will recall that Disney had a Toy Story 3 of their own in development a while back, which was scrapped immediately after they acquired Pixar and appointed Lasseter as Chief Creative Officer, with the statement that "If the film is made, it will be done by Lasseter and the other creators of the original film." This new Toy Story 3 is being helmed by Lee Unkrich, editor of the first film and co-director of the second, from a screenplay by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine).

E! Online reports that Linday Lohan is joining the cast of the upcoming Jack Back Renaissance Faire comedy, Ye Olde Times.

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  1. Written by Caolan
    on 2008-02-23 at 10:13

    This will be the first animated film since the Incredibles that I care about.

  2. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-02-23 at 10:35

    I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: The Incredibles is one of the greatest action-adventure movies ever!

  3. Written by nichnet
    on 2008-02-23 at 17:15

    Well, the new Akira movie will take place in NYC, so they really don’t have to have a Japanese actor.

  4. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-02-23 at 17:31

    The characters’ names are Tetsuo and Kaneda! I assume they’ll be changing those if they do actually cast white people in those roles, though.

  5. Written by Robert 'bele' Sienicki
    on 2008-02-29 at 01:30

    KANEDAAAA! This is the best anime ever. I’m not a fan of japanese movies, but this on I got on DVD and I love it :D
    Gordon, you shound know that Hollywood and their money can ruin everything. They also are doing “Dragon Ball” with kid who selled drugs in first season of “Weeds” in part of Goku. But I think there are few japanese people in the cast. They mixed everything up.

    “Toy Story 2” was great. Not as great as the first one, but still. Fingers crossed here. I hope that the third part will not be as bad as latest “Shrek 3”.

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