David Lynch on the iPhone, Robert Redford on digital distribution

This is pretty old, but fuck it. It makes me smile.

Despite the fact that I agree with Lynch about this, I’m also inclined to agree with Robert Redford in this article from the Hollywood Reporter a week back, about how phones are a promising new venue for short films (not unlike the ones I’ve reviewed earlier this week!).

Ideal, no. Certainly not. But webcartoonists downgrade their work to 72 dpi approximations of an 300 dpi (or higher) original, for the sake of exposure, and more and more short filmmakers (you know, one who make short films, not dwarfs) are willing to do more or less the same thing for exposure or a few extra bucks.

I know this much: if it weren’t for iTunes, I wouldn’t have seen Six Shooter, A Gentleman’s Duel, The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, or any number of other terrific live action or animated short films. So it can’t be all bad.

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  1. Written by Caolan
    on 2008-02-19 at 22:44

    Coincidentally, I saw this for the first time only a few days ago. When it comes down to it, I think Lynch is right. Movies are meant to be enjoyed on the big screen, with the full sound. Watching it on a phone or even on a computer screen makes it easier for you to be pulled away from the movie experience. I go to the movies for the immersive quality, and when you shrink it down to fit in a pocket, that quality is immediately gone.

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