Toshiba says HD DVD not dead, is in denial (updated: nope, it's really dead after all)

Reports of HD DVD’s death have been exaggerated… but not greatly. The electronic manufacturer told Hollywood Reporter Monday that while “there have been many reports in the media over the weekend… Toshiba has not made a decision on the future of the HD DVD and we are currently assessing the market and reviewing future strategy.” This is not the first such denial in the past few days, either.

Still, after Warner BrothersNetflix, Best Buy and Wal-Mart all announced plans to abandon HD DVD (by either going Blu-ray exclusive over a period of time or to cease marketing it in favor of Blu-ray, as in the retailers’ cases), it’s really just a matter of time.

UPDATE (1:53 AM): And yet… Coming Soon reports that Toshiba is going to announce something — in all likelihood their withdrawal from the High Definition DVD biz, but nothing is certain yet — in a few short minutes, at 3:00 AM EST (5:00 PM in Tokyo). I’ll be asleep then, but I guess we’ll find out in the morning…

UPDATE (2:13 AM): That was fast. Coming Soon has updated their article to include a press release from Toshiba. The gist of it is no surprise: HD DVD is dead. Officially.

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  1. Written by Chris
    on 2008-02-21 at 03:22

    Joe Public has not got a clue of what they have done by not going for HD DVD , The fact is I have seen Blue Ray perform in a Sony shop and was not imprest, Ghosting on high speed action was enough for me,not only that, they want an arm and leg just for the players, also the technical side of it to. All you with the slow loading Blue Ray DON’T SCRATCH YOUR DISCS well if you do just bin it, but thats not all, have a look at the Technical Data. GOOD LUCK.
    p.s Sony can’t wait to put the prices up even MORE.

    Regards Chris.

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