Sam Worthington to star in Terminator 4

According to Variety, Sam Worthington, who is currently filming his leading role in James Cameron’s Avatar, is set to star as “Marcus” in Terminator: Salvation: The Future Begins, (a.k.a. T4), after being personally recommended to director McG by Cameron himself. The role of Marcus has been previously described as the main character in the new Terminator: Salvation trilogy, a “bad ass ‘Riddick’-like guy… who wakes up on post-apocalyptic earth, around 15 years before the future shown in the original Terminator.”

Early reports had Christian Bale’s John Connor described as a supporting role, which T4 producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek denied in Entertainment Weekly, explaining that while Bale’s role is “very important,” and agreeing that he is the star, there is “another major co-star with kind of equal presence in this installment.”

Assuming the Marcus role is the “other major co-star” referred to in the EW article, this passage is of particular interest (possible spoilers):

EW: And that (co-star) would play the Terminator character?
ANDERSON: Yes…. Well, it’s hard to say. It is a new character introduced in the mythology that’s not replacing Arnold [Schwarzenegger]. It’s not like he’s stepping into Arnold’s shoes. It’s a completely new character.

EW: Okay, but is it a Terminator — a killing machine?
ANDERSON: No, not really. That’s one of the big twists that if we told you —

EW: You’d have to kill me?
KUBICEK: [Laughs] Yes.
ANDERSON: It would ruin the story for you. But there’s an element of humanity to it. It’s a bit different.


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  1. Written by MC
    on 2008-02-13 at 12:40

    Well, I certainly have an idea of how that would play out now… even though I am still not entirely sold on this fourth Terminator movie.

  2. Written by Gordon McAlpin
    on 2008-02-13 at 13:07

    Me either. I’m tempted to see We Are Marshall, just to see if McG can adapt his shooting style to suit a film that, you know, ISN’T Charlie’s Angels.

    Cameron giving him some advice is a positive sign, but then… it was just a phone call, so maybe it’s best not to read into that too much.

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