The Clone Wars in theaters this August 15

Rumors have been flying around ever since Toy Fair Germany, but now it’s official! Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a CG animated TV series set between Episodes II and III of the prequel trilogy, will premiere its first few episodes, stitched together into a 100-minute feature, in movie theaters on August 15…

A preview of the series can be seen at While the snippets of voice acting sound like your average TV animation acting (which is to say, it’s about the same as the prequels…), the animation looks better than what we saw in the earlier trailer. The new footage looks more fluid and more detailed — definitely a good sign for the series, which already has over 30 episodes of the planned 100 episode run in the can.

MovieWeb reports that the TV series "will debut in the fall with thirty half hour episodes that will first run on The Cartoon Network before being re-aired on TNT." This theatrical release is particularly intriguing from a business st, because not only is it a high-profile launch for what is sure to be a huge show for both networks, but because the theatrical release could possibly make enough enough money to pay for the show’s entire season.

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