Trailer Watch: Smart People, Chaos Theory, The Forbidden Kingdom, WALL•E


Whoever cast Smart People is a genius. First-time director Noam Murro helms this Miramax-produced drama about a Literature professor (Quaid) whose freeloading brother (Church) comes for an extended stay. Ellen Page (Juno) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) round out the very strong and highly marketable cast; Page is just off Juno, and her presence will pique the interest of fans of that movie; Parker’s presence will drawn some Sex lovers; and Church will reel in the Sideways crowd; Quaid, for his part, will turn in another rock-solid performance, as he’s known for. (I was disappointed to learn from the trailer that Church is supposed to be adopted, though; considering actors playing siblings in movies hardly ever look like they could be related, I thought Church and Quaid as brothers was one of the most inspired sibling pairs since Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Roberts in Something to Talk About, over a decade ago — coincidentally co-starring Quaid.) The film hits theaters on April 11. Apple has a synopsis and the trailer in high definition.

The next Ryan Reynolds comedy, Chaos Theory, has a trailer up at Coming Soon. Reynolds seems like an odd fit in this film, which looks like it’s aiming to be a bit smarter than his usual Just Friends or Waiting fare, yet the trailer is kind of annoying, so it’s hard to get a bead on it. Emily Mortimer (Lars and the Real Girl), Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Stuart Townsend co-star. Chaos Theory has been on the shelf since last year, apparently, and still does not have a release date, which usually isn’t a good sign. (On an unrelated note, what’s with putting "In the Hall of the Mountain King" in a trailer so soon after Funny Games used it? Lame.)

Jet Li and Jackie Chan team up in Lionsgate’s upcoming kung fu flick, The Forbidden Kingdom. Director Rob Minkoff (Kissing Jessica Stein, The Haunted Mansion) nails the visuals, and the fights — choreographed by action master Yuen Woo-Ping (Iron Monkey; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) — look good so far, but what I can tell of the story looks pretty tired, and I wish the Chinese characters actually spoke Chinese in it. Li and Chan speaking English to the film’s white guy character makes sense; the villain (Collin Chou, Seraph from the Matrix sequels) doing it, not so much.… Yahoo! Movies has the trailer exclusively.

And finally, the upcoming PIXAR charmer, WALL•E, has its adorable new international trailer online exclusively at EMPIRE Online. I’m pretty sure this two-minute gem is the most extensive peak we’ve seen in the movie: we’re introduced to EVE, the robo-love interest, and catch a glimpse at the plot of the film. And man, it looks beautiful. The recent Super Bowl TV spot and its other trailers can be found at Coming Soon. UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like EMPIRE Online had to take the trailer down…?

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  1. Written by Lauren
    on 2008-02-08 at 23:56

    Yeah, thanks a lot, Empire. I saw this post and went to watch it and I was uber-disappointed. I want to see it :(

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