First Blood novelist gives Rambo a thumbs up

At the tail of an article at Dark Horizons regarding potential casting for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming $40 million remake of the Charles Bronson film, The Mechanic, Garth Franklin pointed me towards some “interesting comments” from First Blood author David Morrell about the latest Rambo film. Morrell gives the film “a solid three stars” (although he neglects to mention out of how many), and while acknowledging some of the film’s weaker elements (such as the complete lack of depth to the villains), he rightly praises it for its serious tone, adding that it’s the first time the “tone of my novel First Blood has been used in any of the movies. It’s spot-on in terms of how I imagined the character.…”

For the record, I would give Rambo four stars (out of my strict five-star scale — no halvsies), the majority of that just for being an awesomely brutal (brutally awesome?) action film with an absolutely relentless pace after getting you past the bare minimum of set-up, but it earned a little bit of credit for touching on the genocide in Burma in a serious — if not deep — way. For a more rambly version of my opinion of the film, Joe Dunn and I discussed Rambo at some length in the most recent episode (#54) of The Triple Feature, which you can listen to via the widget in the sidebar.

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