Trailer Watch: Love Songs, Diary of the Dead, Red Cliff

I don’t know much about this movie that isn’t in the trailer, but French director Christophe Honoré’s musical Love Songs (or, rather, Les Chansons d’amour) looks very interesting, and one thing that sets it apart from most of the movie musicals I’ve seen: actually good music, not just yawn-inducing Sondheim-esque pap. The film hits the States on March 19th. Louis Garrel, Chiarra Mastroianni, and the incredibly hot Ludivine Sagnier (Swimming Pool, Peter Pan) star. The New York Times has the trailer exclusively.

Movie-List has a high definition version of George Romero’s zombie reboot The Blair Zombie Project… er, I mean Cloverzombie… er, I mean Diary of the Dead — not that high def makes much of a difference here. I can’t imagine this film doing terribly well after Land of the Dead’s lukewarm (if still somewhat profitable) reception, especially coming so soon after Cloverfield, but hey, you never know.

Finally, John Woo’s Red Cliff trailer is online at YouTube. The editing of the trailer is obnoxious, the video quality is awful, but Koyuki and Zhao Wei (Shaolin Soccer) are hot and the battle scenes look pretty huge in scope, so I don’t know.… It could be worth seeing? The movie is not yet slated to be released in the US.

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