Trailer Watch: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Taken, Iron Man Super Bowl spot, Defiance

A hilarious red band trailer for the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which stars Jason Segel (Freaks & Geeks, Knocked Up) and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) is over at Empire Online. As with the Superbad red band, this one’s much better than the regular trailer.

A trailer for the Liam Neeson starrer, Taken, is up at YouTube. Written and produced by Luc Besson and directed by Pierre Morel (District B13), this one’s sure to have a lousy script and some awesome action, but maybe Neeson’s presence will elevate things a bit.

iron_man_ver2.jpgThe jaw-droppingly cool Super Bowl spot for Iron Man is over at Apple in HD. I hate getting hyped about movies, because it often ruins them for me, but damn, I’m getting hyped for this!

Apple also has a trailer for Ed Zwick’s Defiance, which stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell, in a true story about Jewish refugees fighting back against the Germans in WW2 while struggling to survive in the Russian forest. It looks terrific: we all know Craig is a bad-ass from Munich and Bond, and even if he gets a bit heavy-handed at times, Zwick can do action really well when he wants to.…

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