Karasawa is a 20th Century Boy (updated)

080204gt20080204002_mde00244g080203t.jpgAccording to Variety, Toshiaki Karasawa (Casshern) is set to star in Toho’s $57 million budgeted live-action sci-fi/“psychological suspense” film, 20th Century Boy Boys, based on the original manga by Naoki Urasawa. Actually the manga title is translated as 20th Century Boys, plural; Variety may have gotten it wrong. (Edit: They did.)

The film, the first of a planned trilogy, will release in Japan on August 30th, according to the Anime News Network. If the concept artwork(?) to the right (from a Japanese-language Sankei Sports article the ANN article links to) is any indication of what the film looks like, we’re in for a treat. Viz Media holds the rights for English-language editions, but they are currently serializing Urasawa’s earlier Monster, before launching into 20th Century Boys, at the creator’s request.

UPDATED (2/11/08): The official 20 Century Boys site (in Japanese only, apparently) is live. So far, all I can see that they’ve got the image from my original post a lot bigger, and it looks pretty sweet. If that’s a film still, daaamn! Make with the clicky if you know how to read Japanese or just want to click random bits of Japanese until you find anything interesting. I tried; I didn’t. Also, according to Japanator, the quoted $57 million budget is for the entire trilogy, not one film. Hm…

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